Originally from India, chai latte is a creamy delicious blend of aromatic spices, black tea and milk. This spicy beverage is only increasing in popularity all over the world and is turning coffee lovers into chai addicts.

Don’t be mistaken by the name, it is a tea and has no coffee in the brew.

Also known as masala chai, this delicious drink is usually prepared by boiling the milk, water and spices together. However it is a lengthy process to extract the flavour so we have done the work for you!


Exactly what it says! A liquid form of chai unlike your regular dry, wet or powdered mixes. We wanted to provide a convenient and easy way to experience the full flavour, naturally.

We slowly brew spices, ginger and tea in water to extract the authentic taste of masala chai. It is then strained, bottled and ready to use. Liquid Chai is a concentrate, meaning you only use a small amount (15ml) added to milk. Don’t try and take a sip from the bottle, our 200ml can create 13 lattes and that is a lot of spice packed in a tiny volume!

sunshine coast chai

Our blend guarantees the full spicy taste of every cup, however you can simply add more concentrate if you like your beverage with an extra kick. Add our concentrate to milk, heat it up and mix in a sweetener – voila, you have the perfect authentic chai latte.

We prefer to use soy milk, but you can use whichever milk you like. Honey compliments our mix wonderfully and agave is a great alternative.  You have the freedom to pick your own sweetener too.

Our 100% all-natural ingredients and whole-spices: filtered water, organic loose-leaf black tea, cinnamon quills, fresh Australian grown ginger, green cardamom, black pepper, cloves, star anise and Celtic sea salt. No added sugars or sweeteners, no artificial flavours or preservatives and absolutely no nasties!

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