We recently had an exciting interview with Maple Street Co-op, one of our valued chai suppliers. We wanted to take a moment to share the fantastic insights and answers from our conversation with you. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with Maple Street Co-op and delve deeper into our shared passion for chai.

What’s important to you in terms of chai?
What’s important to us is simple: chai that’s delicious, full of spicy flavours, warming, and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Chai is the real deal – it’s not just a drink, it’s an experience. At its best, chai is an aromatic, spicy and delicious beverage that warms you up from the inside out. It’s a drink that can be enjoyed as a daily ritual, taking a moment to slow down and savour the flavours. And the best part? Ours is healthy and accessible to everyone! We believe in bringing this experience to people in a convenient and easy-to-use form, without any added sweeteners or nasties.

What is important for our customers to know?
At Liquid Chai, we believe that it’s important to know the difference between an authentic chai concentrate and a syrup full of sugars or nasties. That’s why we’re proud to offer a natural chai concentrate that is handcrafted and brewed, not a bland or sugary syrup. Our blend delivers a delicious, full-bodied chai that is bursting with spicy flavours and warming aromas. With no added sweeteners or artificial ingredients, our concentrate is the perfect way to enjoy a healthy and authentic chai experience.

What makes your chai different?
We pride ourselves on our unique blend of chai. We’ve managed to create a chai concentrate that has all the delicious, warming flavours of a loose-leaf blend, without any of the hassle. We use whole spices, fresh ginger, and organic tea to craft our blend, so you can taste the quality in every sip. And the best part? It’s as easy and convenient as a powdered or syrup chai. Simply add a splash of our all-natural concentrate to your favourite milk and you’ve got a perfect cup of chai in no time.

Have you any quirky facts about Liquid Chai?

Believe it or not, our Liquid Chai journey actually began in Melbourne! But we always knew deep down that our hearts belonged to the Sunshine Coast. So, only a few months after starting our business, we couldn’t resist any longer and decided to pack up our cars with two cats, two dogs and make the move. It was a wild adventure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tell us a little about yourselves.
We’re a family team of three – Naomi (aka the chai goddess), John (our talkative salesman), and myself, Billie (handling online and marketing). Naomi has been brewing chai for years, and the three of us decided to share her delicious blend with the world. You might have met John if you’ve tried our chai at a market – he loves chatting and sharing stories. As for Naomi, she’s passionate about tasty food and also enjoys climbing mountains and swimming at Noosa beach. And me? I’m the youngest of four, spending my free time with my dogs, reading, or chilling at the beach with friends.

How long have you supplied the Maple Street Co-op – any quirky stories about us?
We’ve been supplying the Co-op for only two months, but we’re already feeling the love from the locals in Maleny! At a recent sampling day, we had a blast meeting everyone and sharing our products. Even the Co-op staff couldn’t resist asking us for refills throughout the day. It was such a fun experience!

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