The newest edition to our shop is the Liquid Chai Starter Packs. These boxes provide everything you need to start making tasty, quick and easy chai at home.

Firstly, you will find a Liquid Chai 200ml Bottle. This superstar makes up to 13 chai lattes. It looks absolutely adorable and tastes delicious. Pour two caps of this concentrate into a pot for the stove or into a jug for frothing. Then add 200ml of milk and heat it up.

Next is the beautiful, earthy snug mug. Every chai should feel like a warm hug, and curling your fingers around this cup definitely helps. Sipping out of the snug mug is all a part of the chai experience. Pour your heated chai and milk into this cup.

Lastly you need the perfect sweetener to compliment the hearty spices. Hachibee Honey is pure, organic, raw and absolutely mouth-watering. Locally made in North East Victoria, we wanted to support another family business just like ours.


Alternatively, we have also introduced the Vegan Liquid Chai Starter Pack. This box replaces honey with an organic agave. This sweetener is naturally harvested from a desert plant. It makes a perfect vegan alternative!

Add a teaspoon of sweetener, stir it up and voila. You have made a delicious, healthy chai in minutes.

After using our starter kit, you will become an absolute expert of chai. Next stop, buying a 1L bottle.

The Liquid Chai Starter Kit also serves as a wonderful gift. If you are buying it for a special occasion (birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc.) we can write a personalised message from you, on a gorgeous Australian made card. Just leave a comment in the “notes” section at checkout. It will be delivered wrapped up either way.

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