Spiced Chai Latte

Make the most delicious and healthy chai with our special Liquid Chai concentrate. Let the spices warm your tummy and soothe your soul.
Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time3 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: easy
Yield: 1
Author: Billie Rae


  • small pot
  • stove top
  • teaspoon
  • favourite cup


  • 15 ml Liquid Chai
  • 200 ml soy milk
  • 1 tsp honey


  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Add Liquid Chai and soy milk to a small pot over low heat. Continually stir and heat to 65°C.
  • Serve in a cup and stir in honey. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.



A wonderful and delicious alternative to honey is agave. It is a natural product and is vegan too!  
Make sure you don't cook the honey or agave in the pot with the mix and instead, add it last. This will ensure that robust and bold flavour really comes through. I recommend you use a raw, organic honey, which is extra tasty, but also very healthy. 
To ensure a smooth and creamy texture, we suggest you use Bonsoy or Happy Happy Soy Boy. Almond milk is another delicious option. 
You can also use a coffee machine Frother or spin Frother to heat the milk, this will make an extra luscious latte. 

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