1L Glass Bottles and why we cannot currently provide them

Dear loyal customers,
We deeply value your loyalty and wanted to address our recent shift from 1L glass bottles to 1L PET bottles. We understand this change might have disappointed some of you, and we’d like to offer insight into our situation.

Our previous glass bottles have been discontinued, and procuring 1L glass bottles domestically has been a challenge. We’ve been on the hunt for these for months, but turns out, Australia doesn’t make them—they’re brought in from overseas. Despite our persistent efforts and outreach to Australian distributors, securing these bottles in small quantities has proven unfeasible.

Right now, to bring in the right bottles, we’d have to buy directly from overseas and fill an entire shipping container. Being a small business, this just isn’t viable for us. We’ve reached out to various Australian distributors, but they’re not keen on bringing them in unless we make an enormous purchase.

In the meantime we have found glass bottles with flip lids that are available at our local markets. Sadly, these aren’t suitable for nationwide shipping—they’re delicate and prone to opening easily. For now, using the plastic bottles is the safest way for shipping our product beyond The Sunshine Coast and ensuring it reaches you intact.

The plastic we utilise is not only recyclable and free of BPA but also manufactured right here in Australia. This helps us stay more environmentally conscious while supporting local Aussie businesses.

Please know that we’re actively seeking an alternative. Providing a quality product that caters to everyones needs remains our top priority at Liquid Chai!

We hope this gives you insight into our situation. Our family is always happy to hear from you so please always get in contact if you have any issues or queries. We will always be honest and transparent with you.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We hope you’ll continue enjoying your chai!
Warm regards,
Billie, Naomi and John

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