While raising four kids Naomi always loved her down time with a nice, warm chai latte. However she couldn’t find a blend that was natural, easy to use and consistent in flavour so she created her own. One home-brew at a time she learned the secret to a perfect cup was slow brewing the mix. This released all the aromatic flavours. Family and friends loved her liquid chai and knew she had to share it with the world. Liquid Chai was born!

Liquid Chai is family owned and operated. The Rae Family have all grown up in Melbourne. Between the six of us we have decades of experience in business and customer service. We each have extended knowledge regarding food production, cafes and wholesaling.

Crafting a convenient product was pure coincidence, we just want to share our mum’s most delicious chai ever!

Chai Cinnamon Rolls

vegan apple crumble

Chai Apple Crumble

chai tea spicy tea

Masala Chai Tea

Liquid Chai gift cards

Liquid Chai Gift Cards